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Diffusers: best practice

Our 200ml set contains a glass jar, a bottle of diffuser oil and 2 sets of reeds.
Our 100ml set contains a glass jar with diffuser oil and 2 sets of reeds.
Our refill set contains a bottle of diffuser oil and 2 sets of reeds.
- place the glassware onto a flat surface and where appropriate pour in the diffuser oil from the bottle
- add the reeds one at a time to ensure even distribution
Use one set of reeds with 50% of the oil and then replace with the second set.  
*The reason we provide 2 set of reeds is that experience has shown they can become clogged with oil and stop absorbing further oil unless they are changed, so replacing them will ensure a good continued diffusion of the oil*
-During use, turn the reeds upside down on a weekly basis to achieve a continued subtle fragrance.
* may cause an allergic skin reaction, rinse with plenty of cold water
* can cause serious eye irritation, rinse cautiously with plenty of water, and remove contact lenses
* toxic to aquatic light with long-lasting effects