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Jasmine & Sea Salt Wax Melts - New!

a cool and refreshing fragrance which will bring back memories of bracing clifftop walks in the sea air on a spring day.

a light and breezy blend of jasmine, lily and sea salt, enhanced with lemon and green eucalyptus which together with layers of cedar bark, soft musk and moss provide a delightfully fresh fragrance.  this is the perfect aroma for when you are sitting out on the deck at dusk, day-dreaming of summer holidays.

Our kraft and monochrome box contains 100g of vegan wax melts in a variety of shapes, including hearts, flowers and stars, at least 15 per box, all made from our blends of essential and botanical oils.  Each one will provide a scent diffusion for an average of 20 hours on your chosen wax burner, please ensure you follow the manufacturer's instructions and we recommend always to choose a vegetable wax tea light unless your burner is of the electric plug-in variety.

this fragrance is also available as a travel candle, room mist, two sizes of reed diffuser : 100ml and 200ml, and 200ml diffuser refill

  • * 100g

    * > 15 melts per box

    * vegan soy wax

    * blends of essential & botanical oils

    * average 20 hours of scent diffusion per melt

    * hand poured in somerset

    * kraft gift box with contemporary monochrome branding


    ** wax burner not included