New! - Bay Leaf & Lavender Diffuser - 100ml

the perfect fragrance for a perfect night's sleep, this heavenly blend brings lavender, bay leaf and rosemary, together with clove, woods, patchouli, moss and musk - a delightfully restful combination .

position this diffuser in the bedroom to bring a subtle yet soothing and dreamy aroma to help promote a restful night's sleep.

also available as a classic boxed candle, travel candle, 100ml diffuser and diffuser refill set.

  • * 100ml of diffuser oil lasts up to 3 months

    * 2 sets of natural rattan reeds - use one set with 50% of the oil and then replace

    * apothecary-style glass printed front and back with our signature brownstone logo and brand icon

    * natural base oils - no alcohol content

    * blends of essential oils

    * hand poured in england

    * double layer embossed gift box with ribbon tab top and cigar band label

    * refills available

    for detailed diffuser usage, please refer to our guidelines.