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June 17, 2022 2 min read

With one eye on the environment and another on the economy and the knock on effect on people's disposable income we've decided to bring our customers three ways to purchase our classic £28 candle:

We've always had a close eye on the type of box we use for our products.  Before setting up Brownstone our owner Anne worked in luxury (& not always so luxury!) packaging, working closely with retailers & brands to develop their boxes and very often, whilst many got it spot on and picked the right box for their product, too many wanted a box which was completely OTT and made it look like the customer was paying for the box, rather than the sometimes rather pathetic contents.

When setting up Brownstone Anne wanted to ensure that the price paid was for the contents rather than the outer fancy box, whilst still offering a box which was unusual, stylish and contemporary – not easy but we think she nailed it.   However now that packaging is a bit of a hot topic (understatement?), it's now important to consider other options for our customers:

Option 1 – no change, the candle comes in its usual box and you pay full price – still only £28 by the way, unchanged since Jan 2019. The ideal choice if the candle is a gift and you want it to arrive looking all boxed up and lovely.

Option 2 – we noticed that many of our online customers are repeat purchasers – yay, you like our product!  However, this begs the question whether you crack open the box and ditch it without a second thought – it’s recyclable by the way and the cello is biodegradable, so you can do this without any feelings of guilt.  However if you really only want the candle, and not the box, you can now buy the candle and glass only option for just £25!  A guilt -free purchase, saving the planet one box at a time.

Option 3 – yes there is a third option - just the scented wax and the wick, same lovely ingredients, no glass, no box!  If you are feeling adventurous then this is the option for you, we’ll send out a fragranced candle at just £22 - a great option if you already have one of our glasses or one from another brand (around 30cl size), with instructions telling you how to replace the wax so you really can light up your candle with a clear conscience and an extra £6 in your pocket.  

Our refill option is available in all 12 fragrances.


*please note the refill must be used with glass, this is not a pillar style of candle which would be made from a very different type of wax, if you don't use with a glass jar it could result in a very sticky mess, and at worse start a fire *